Your OWN IT department

Is IT costing you too much?

Is your IT team not proactive enough?

Do you need an internal IT team but can't afford it?
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If you want to future-proof your systems and software to ensure continued growth, and require experts who are friendly, professional and responsive, Infomace is your perfect technology partner.

Our Traditional Direction Over The Last 25 Years

We are an innovative technology company, internationally recognised across a wide range of IT disciplines: experts in designing, building and maintaining software solutions to meet your business needs.

Off-the-shelf solutions are rarely the best. Successful organisations need an IT business ally who is quick to make changes as your needs evolve and who understands your business.

While our national and international business direction continues to grow we are now looking to expand our business with new local clients.

Already, as our client list shows we have many local North Shore clients, we’d like others to join our family.

Our New Additional Local Direction

We are local IT professionals who understand North Shore business needs

Infomace International can be your local IT department. Based in the heart of Albany, we offer a range of services to maintain, support, develop and enhance your software.

Active internationally over the last 25 years; we now want to bring our internationally proven skills to our local neighbours.

A passionate team of experts on your doorstep

Because we are local, we offer everything you need nearby, are quick to respond and are passionate about what we do, taking time to understand your needs.

We’ll tell it like it is, operating as your IT business ally to meet your needs as they evolve.